About Us

Alkon Aluminum and Glas Balcony Systems San. Tic. Sti. was founded in 2008. Alkon aluminum; has to produce the knowledge and experience of the user-friendly and budget-friendly quality products with the principle. We work in the sector, balcony glazing, folding systems and sliding systems, glass systems, double-glazed glass balconies, sliding and window systems. Thanks to its competent team and uncompromising determination, today's Isikon brand has produced a glass balcony system under the brand name. In addition to the Isikon brand, the pro series with its glass balcony system is one of the best glass balcony systems in the industry. Our company works to provide customer satisfaction through a combination of quality and aesthetics. Due to our technological developments and new needs in the glass balcony area, our team of experts has developed products that create new living spaces and make your life easier. Our products have a structure that adds value to your home and will last a long time. Any Years later, it retains its first working day and enjoys balconies in all seasons. In Turkey and in many countries of the world, Alkon Aluminum is constantly expanding its products with its satisfied dealer network, taking confident steps into the future. Continuing to work to preserve the quality and reliability of Alkon has become a lifestyle for Alkon. Alkon products are exhibited at domestic and foreign exhibitions and share widespread quality. Our products are well experienced by many companies in the industry in terms of features and ease of use and have received a full score. Alkon seamlessly distributes its industry experience to all of its customers with product support and corporate advertising support. Priority for Alkon; Safety and aesthetic products through the creation of products that contribute to the creation of new habitats. Alkon works to share the art and spirit of its products with the world. Of the values we make; Honesty, business ethics, ethical business rules, occupational safety and work discipline. Alkon Aluminum

Our Mission

Unsere Mission ist es, die Lebensqualität und den Wohlstand der Menschen auf der Grundlage der Philosophie des Menschen und der Natur zu fördern und den neuesten Entwicklungen in Architektur und Technologie zu folgen, um Designs zu schaffen, die das Leben erleichtern und stets genaue und zuverlässige Investitionsmöglichkeiten für Investoren schaffen und die Kundenzufriedenheit bedingungslos zu erreichen .

Our Vision

To create a way of life that will serve as a role model for the whole world by creating a more useful, safer and more aesthetic product in which people with respect for nature, architecture and technology will benefit and benefit should be forwarded to future generations.

Our Values

Educated, professional staff,
Team spirit,
Quality product,
Customer satisfaction,
Continuous development, ...