Sliding folding glass balcony system, 8 mm roped on four sides, decorated with tempered glass and system profiles. Low noise in the functionality, wing profiles with high resistance to wear and cold heat are designed so that they can be opened to the inside and open depending on the balcony structure and your desire to the left or right. With water drainage and sloping flooring, your glass balconies are designed to minimize the ingress of water. Between the aluminum wings you have both thermal and acoustic insulation as well as a long-term investment. We have the ability to adjust the diameter with our customization profiles. This completes your visualization. When you collect the wings, we have a mounting attachment that prevents the wings from moving involuntarily.

As with our other systems, you can still rate your color choices in this system as gray or black. To ensure sealing, the upper and lower wing profiles are equipped with bridges and are partially reinforced with rubber seals. In this system you can perform the aluminum profiles, of more than 3000 RAL colors or in aluminum gray, bronze, matt or brilliant anodized applications and wood pattern options as a surface treatment. System features:

System name: PROKON 8 mm glass balcony system
Material: aluminum profiles, accessories (plastic), glass
Max. Height: 2800 mm
Max. Width: 700 mm
Max. Wight: 45 kg
Warranty: 5 years

Espagnolette Arm

Thanks to the Espagnolette arm, the balcony of the heated glass balcony is now much safer and more aesthetic. The bar lock, which stops the use of plastic lock, comes with its arm metal part and ease of use.

Thanks to the three-point locking, the glass bands have been reduced to zero. The chain and plastic closures provide a more aesthetic look by eliminating the appearance. It can lock three points in tall glass dimensions. You can use it as a window to open and close your heated glass balcony from the Espagnola arm. We have developed the Espagnolette Arm application for your comfort and safety, which will make life easier for you thanks to the new innovations.

Rain channel

Thanks to the gutter system and drainage system, it prevents water from getting into the wet floor of your balcony. It provides a 100% seal compared to other systems.

Steam channel, rain gutters, child safety lock, double channel, double glazed balcony glass features;

The steam flowing down from the glass surface drains the water through the specially designed steam channel in the lower rail profile. At the same time, this channel also discharges water leaks, which for some reason will enter the system and prevent the system from being fully supplied with water.